I’m adopting a new philosophy with respect to writing. Namely, I want to do it more. There are many reasons that I want to start doing this. Here are a few:

  • If you couldn’t tell yet, I am a bad writer. I want to improve and the only way to that is to do this.
  • I want to start contributing back to the online community which I have taken so much in my life. I don’t want to be part of the 99% anymore.
  • It seems to that the smartest people in the world are the ones that write. I want to see which direction the causality goes.
  • I think that writing will force me to clarify my thoughts on many issues in a way that I don’t have to do when I’m just thinking about them. Hopefully it will also help me to think more clearly when I’m not writing, but we’ll see.

With those ideas in mind, I plan on starting to post here more frequently. For now, my focus will simply be on quantity. I’m not going to worry about producing excellent, or even good work; I just want to produce something. To be completely honest, for now these posts are primarily for me. Hopefully, if I keep it up, the quality will improve and I may be able to write things that are useful or interesting to others. Only time will tell…

I will probably write about whatever I happen to be working on and thinking about at the time. If I can work up the courage, I might even write about some of my beliefs or values that I think are important and that could benefit from being. The next post will likely be about the uinput api in linux and accessing it in Haskell, but we’ll see.